We Are Only Human

We said, “No.”
We were reasonable.
So, what do you want?
No, not what you don’t want.
You want us never to do what you’re doing?
You don’t even want us to give it to you.
You want to take it from us painfully.
No, you’re doing what you’re doing because you can.
Your addiction to power makes you want to devour the World,
And the Planets,
And the Sun and Stars,
And when Nothing is left you can only devour yourself.

Booming, rumbling, crushing, crumbing…
War has come on thundering hooves.
The pounding canon fire grinds our hope.
The stench of burned flesh suffocates our spirit.
Our home is falling, smoking, screeching in pain.
Our neighbors are screaming, running, fleeing into the flames.
We can only huddle in dread and wait the end.
We are being eaten by a manic history.
The jaws of power are chewing us into dust.

What do you take when your children are being exploded?
Which way do you run when the roads are being exploded?
What have you become when everything you were is being exploded?
Why do those who have nothing to gain and every last thing to lose
Pay the penalty of powerlessness?
Must human kind simply be resigned to its own self-destruction?

We are only human,
A serpent devouring itself tail first,
Rolling through a history of eternal self-consumption.

About Jay C Ritterson
The only failure is the failure to try.

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