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Have you heard anything like this before?

  • Explain something you would like to change about your school and why…?
  • Describe the impact of carpet bagging in the aftermath of the Civil War…?
  • Develop an argument to support your opinion on a response to climate change…?

Writing is a most complex human activity. It requires prior knowledge on the subject, which you must use to answer a question. You must then shape that answer into a form that will make sense to your reader – usually your teacher. Then you must commit that mental abstraction into a concrete, written language form that is clear, colorful and accurate. But it’s doable.

What we offer:

Jaezz Academy editors can help. We will read your early draft and provide feedback on the broader structure and clarity of the writing. On later drafts, we check your draft’s layout, spelling and grammar details. You can choose what sort of feedback or editing you would like.

If you are unsure how to proceed with a particular witing assignment or are simply frozen with writing in general, one on one consultation or tutoring can be arranged.

How it works:

You will email us your draft along with your assignment and the services you would like. We will return your work to your email within 48 hours, usually sooner. Because broad feedback is meant to lead you to larger scale revision, rewriting and deletion, we cannot realistically edit details on early drafts that are likely to require some rewiting. However, based on your ability to pay, a contribution of $5 will be asked for each feedback or editing service. Everyone deserves help equally according to their needs.

How to get connected:

Even if you aren’t sure if you’re going to need help, send an email request to Jaezz.Academy@gmail.com. Jay will return an information sheet as an Adobe .PDF document and a service request form that can be used to request service.

Clear, strong, error-free writing gets results, not criticism.
You want the reader to focus on your ideas, not your writing.

October 2021 – Jaezz Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota – Jay Ritterson, Director