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Maestro Jay

I am Jay Ritterson, a retired Minneapolis Public Schools secondary English teacher. I was certified to teach English language arts to students grades 5-12. I have tutored students as young as grade 3, and taught teachers in a graduate degree program.

     Students in earlier grades seem to benefit more from reading support to, developing analytical strategies. While intermediate (grades 4-6) students benefit more by developing reading competence, older students benefit more from writing support. At the secondary level, a wide range of thinking skills is developed through writing about reading. Writing is much like engineering, wherein the raw materials of what is read, seen, heard and even imagined are reassembled in meaningful ways that deliver purposeful impact. Reading and writing are essential to critical thinking and the resulting self-empowerment.


As Jaezz Academy, I am ready to support a few South Minneapolis or Richfield students. Working remotely, I can provide support for given assignments from students’ teachers in any of four ways. Helping the student to:

  • – understand technical reading
  • – analyzed narrative literature
  • – prepare short written responses
  • – get and process feedback on extended writing pieces

Using phone, email and a common word processor software, such as Microsoft Word, and Zoom and/or Skye online communication software, as well as the phone, I can provide direction, ask questions, and given oral or written feedback. I can work one-on-one or with small groups of students. The latter allows students to interact with each other as well as me.

I will require a parent or guardian’s written consent before connecting with a minor, and invite that person to observe interaction between us. I do not ask for a fee, but I will accept any token you feel you can afford. It will help keep me in coffee and cookies as I read and give feedback on your student’s remarkable essays.

If this is something from which you feel you, your student or someone you know might benefit, please contact me at jcritterson@gmail.com, upon receipt of which we can follow up with a phone conversation to clarify details. Please include your phone number.


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