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Maestro Jay

I am Jay Ritterson, a retired Minneapolis Public Schools secondary English teacher. I was certified to teach English language arts to students grades 5-12. I have tutored students as young as grade 3, and taught Critical Thinking and Reading to Learn to teachers in a St. Thomas Univ. graduate degree program.

     Some things I have discovered: Students in earlier grades seem to benefit more from reading support  for developing analytical strategies. While intermediate (grades 4-6) students benefit by developing analytical reading competence and gaining expository writing fundamentals, older students benefit more from technical writing support. At the secondary level, a wide range of thinking skills is developed through writing about reading. Writing is much like engineering, wherein the raw materials of what is read, seen, heard and even imagined are reassembled in meaningful ways that deliver purposeful impact. Reading and writing are essential to critical thinking and the resulting self-empowerment.


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If you are stuggling with writing for an assignment, or you just want to polish your essay, Jaezz Academy editors can help. We will read your early draft and provide feedback on the broader structure and clarity of the writing. On later drafts, we check your draft’s layout, spelling and grammar details. Look here for more details.

If you are looking for personal consultations, reach us at Jaezz.Academy@gmail.com