Back on the Road Again II

An abbreviated Motel 6 Loop. I wasn’t confident enough to start on the Harriet road, so pathed to the creek and did the trail, but by the time I got to Portland, I was stoked. I can still ride a road bike, easily and well, and while I didn’t take any risks, I was almost back on form and could have ridden farther, but I’m glad I didn’t.18 miles was enough. I am greatly restored in faith and cheer. I just can’t do very good right turn signals yet.

Back on the Road

Here’s a brief, completely nonpolitical excerpt from my cycling log:

Took the Specialized Globe Elite (commuter) bike out around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun – back on 36th Street. Legs felt labored, but not much worse than in the spring commute.  Hip gave me no trouble at all. Clavicle barely noticeable. Rotator cuff felt some strain, vibration and bumps, but not to pain. Most discomfort in the upper pectoral, right below the break – the elbow effect. First time out since The Fall. Awareness, but not trepidation; alert, but not tense.

I told the doctor in August that I wanted to be back on my bike in October.

And I am.

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